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The Devil is in the Detail


WE LISTEN... and we talk a lot! We are here for you for all things marketing, media and events. We learn from listening to you tell us all about your marketing goal or event. We then develop a strategic direction for your vision.

Your WHY is the most important factor when we prepare a plan to achieve the results you want and need. So your VISION, MISSION and OBJECTIVES are re imagined to make sure we tick all your boxes. We aim to ease your worries and bring your ideas to life!



Strategic Marketing by The Event Group Toowoomba

Strategic Marketing

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We provide clear, comprehensive and well-planned strategies, ensuring all elements of your event, marketing or sponsorship is executed with precision.

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Public Relations by The Event Group Toowoomba

Public Relations

The Event Group Toowoomba offers a range of PR opportunities to get your brand noticed. From cross-promotional, sponsorship and partnership opportunities to digital publications.

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Media, Design, and Content by The Event Group Toowoomba

Media, Design, Content

Communication, content and brand awareness are key elements for us with an ex-journalist on our team we excel at copywriting and media liaison + in house graphic designer, photographers, videography!

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Event Management by The Event Group Toowoomba

Event Management

Lights, camera, action...... We bring every event to life! Planning, precision, wow factor: From concept and run sheets, to speakers, entertainment we are here for you so you can enjoy your event!!!

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Our Expertise

Behind the Scenes Stuff

Every event requires help to be re imagined! We are very good at this bit!

We make sure all temporary infrastructures required are organised for you to ensure your event is a success. All the permits, licences and organisational liaison is handled by us. Taking the headache out of the paperwork for you!

This includes all the security and safety checks that need to be implemented from event security through to spectator safety management and overall health and safety measures.


On the Day

It’s your party. No need to cry!


This is the exciting part - we make sure all the 't's are crossed and the 'i's are dotted. We are your eyes and ears for the event - we stay on site from set up to pull down (bump-in and bump out - that's event talk! ) Your event is your show. Your time to shine!! Let us take care of the smooth running of your event while you enjoy entertaining your guests.


The Wrap Up!

We are very passionate about this part of the event. Once the doors are closed and the last guest has gone home, we pack up, and start thinking about all the things we need to discuss with you at our post meeting.

WE LISTEN AGAIN - we take on board all your thoughts, and ensure we have ticked the boxes you needed for a positive outcome for your event. If required we can also organise marketing research from your crowd at the event. We ensure all your suppliers are happy and the venue is back the way we first saw it.