The Event Group Toowoomba (TEG) was conceived by three incredibly fun and passionate event and marketing specialists who talk a lot!  Jo, Maree and Cass  realised that between them they have a real connection.  They not only have great ideas, they can make them happen!

With a passion to bring new and exciting events to South West Queensland they formulated Toowoomba's inaugural event and marketing planning team.  They specialise in Events. TEG’s diverse skill blend of professionals offers the best knowledge, connections and expertise needed today in the ever-evolving world of events. 

The success of any event is dependent on having the “right people at the right time”. At TEG they believe very strongly that their team has the most skilled and knowledgeable people, with major event and marketing experience, to deliver programs and services across South West Queensland and beyond.  They would love to meet you! 


Jo - "Enthusiastic and effervescent!" ~ Steven Spurgin

- Creative and continually thinking 'out of the box', Jo is Big Picture directed.  She will listen and re imagine with you when planning your event.  She also has 20 plus years experience in the Not for Profit sector.  She has a very clear understanding of the importance of community and corporate collboration.  Winner of the 2017 Darling Downs Women in Leadership award for Community dedication Jo has a wealth of experience behind her. 

Jo Capp  Partner, Event Director

Jo Capp
Partner, Event Director

Cassandra Hunter  Partner, Event Director

Cassandra Hunter
Partner, Event Director

Cassandra - "No stone goes unturned with Cass. She gets stuff done!" ~ Jimmy Aspromorgus

Our logistics, planning extraordinaire. Cassie has co-ordinated music festivals, parties, balls and expos across Toowoomba and the South West.  Some of these events have had in excess of 20,000 patrons.  She is a stickler for detail, she knows all the legal stuff and ensures our clients that she has all the minor (and major) details of an event ticked off!



Maree - Our PR Hostess with the Mostess!
"Complete package for understanding media, social media and marketing!" ~
Jim McDonald, MP Member for Lockyer

Building a network is all about wanting to help grow a space and in turn that space wanting to help you.  This is incredibly powerful and Maree is all about this .  With her community connections and brilliant media savvy mind she knows how to promote your name or business to your crowd.  Her years of public relation writing for many corporates gives TEG that added edge when you are needing that extra shout out!

Maree Parsons  Partner, Event Director

Maree Parsons
Partner, Event Director