4 Hot Chips Book Launch

Event Brief

When a robust, busy little six year old complains of a sore leg it would be easy to dismiss it as a bump or a growing pain.

But when you notice a distinct decrease in activity then questions have to be asked.

This was the case with Toowoomba mother, wife and business owner Jo Capp when her beautiful son Reid was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at six years old.

They were a busy young family with two children and had started a new business, the last thing on their minds was that their youngest child could be sick, let alone have cancer.

A journey of many downs and some ups followed along with a lot of notes to help cope with what Reid and the rest of the family was going through.

Eight years later, Jo Capp is the proud author of her book Four Hot Chips, which was officially launched at Mater Dei Primary School on Thursday 17th March, 2016.

The book shares a truthful insight into how Jo coped with seeing her beautiful little boy suffer countless operations, chemotherapy and much sickness as a result from the treatment.

However what makes this book really hit home is the honesty of how Jo recounts the struggles and deterioration of her marriage to David and the family unit.

Jo found writing about their journey one of the best healing mechanisms of dealing with their situation and hopes that it can help other families if faced with a similar situation.

Four Hot Chips was launched at Mater Dei Primary School because of the support and help they provided to the Capp family during the journey.


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