Strategic Planning

This phase is all about developing the strategic direction of the event and the organising team.

The Vision, Mission Statement and Objectives will be created and defined as the organising team evolves. This will include an Event Director and other key staff that will be able to assist in the strategic development of any event.

Event overlay and delivery

Every event requires the need for additional "overlay" to support the existing venue and event spaces, helping to transform and create accommodating event facilities. ‘Overlay’ includes all of the temporary infrastructure required to support a particular facility or venue, including but not limited to marquees, power, utilities, fencing, flooring, lighting and signage.

The delivery of the event is the exciting part to any event. All the planning has been finalised and tested as the event starts.

This includes all security and safety checks have been implemented from event security infrastructure, through to spectator safety management and overall health and safety measures.

Event Closure

This phase is one we are passionate about. Post event we will concentrate on successful business closure, evaluation of the project, getting everything back to ‘normal’ and ensuring the client is happy with the outcome of the event.

EVENTS We've Achieved


  • Harvey Black Race Day
  • Karen Gee Luncheon, Active wear Luncheon
  • 4 Hot Chips Book Launch
  • Rotary Ride the Range
  • Peak2Park
  • Spring Polo
  • Nihon Matsuri Festival, Toowoomba Languages & Cultures Festival
  • Women in Leadership Conference
  • Taryn Brumfit - speaker (Embrace)
  • School of St Judes
  • Toowoomba Mountaineers
  • Blush Cancer Care Inc
  • Hope Horizons
  • Hike for Homeless